Specialists wanted. Who will find a job at Technical Center Warsaw?

Unemployment in Poland is slowly declining and the demand for highly qualified employees is still growing on the market. More and more companies are deciding to start investing in our country, because it is attractive for them not only because of people, but also because of geographical location. In which areas do investors look for employees?

- The investment of F5 Networks in Poland will take place in three areas. The first of these is the opening of the Security Operations Center. Here we will be looking for system analysts, analysts in terms of security, who will follow unusual behaviors on the network and protect against them - says newsrm.tv Ireneusz Wiśniewski, Country Leader, F5 Networks Poland.

Analysts who will work at the Security Center will face various types of attacks, such as volumetric attacks aimed at blocking a website or attacks on e-banking. The second investment is the opening of the Technical Support Center, which will deal with solving technical problems related to the operation of the equipment. The third area of ​​activity is the establishment of the Research and Development Department, which will work on improving and improving products.

- For Poland it means creating new jobs. For the region it is a very good signal, because we are opening to universities and looking for IT staff - adds Ireneusz Wiśniewski.

Technical Center Warsaw in Mokotów is a new workplace for qualified IT specialists. The investment will cover three key areas: technical support department, Product Development department and first non-US Security Center F5 (Security Operations Center - SOC), providing security services and monitoring of threats in real time. It will be one of the few such places both in Poland and in Europe. Both the Technical Support Department and the Security Center have begun operating in test mode a few months ago. The project will be partially financed from the government subsidy and has been classified by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) as a research and development activity. The grant emphasizes the potential of the project and its positive impact on the local labor market and cooperation with academic centers in Warsaw.

According to the Research and Markets report, the Polish IT sector maintains an upward trend, and its cumulative annual growth rate at the CAGR will be 5.59% by 20181. Analysts from the McKinsey institute said that IT2 will be one of the largest sources of growth of advanced business services in Poland.

Statement: Ireneusz Wiśniewski, Country Leader, F5 Networks Poland

Source: Newsrm.TV

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