Statistics and reports

brute force

More brute force attacks on IoT devices

najlepsze antywirusy dla firm

According to this report, they are the best anti-viruses for companies in 2018

Koparki kryptowalut

The number of victims of malicious excavators of cryptocurrencies increased by 44% during the year

Sieci Wifi w Rosji

Are you going to the 2018 World Cup to Russia? Watch out for seemingly secured Wi-Fi networks in these cities

Android statystyki malware

Report: Every 10 seconds new malware appears on Android


Ransomware rush fades, but the threat still exists

WatchGuard raport bezpieczeństwa

Security in the network Q4 2017: macro viruses and malware 0-day more and more

Fortinet raport

Fortinet report: more and more cyber attacks on IoT companies and devices

malware fileless

The number of targeted and filleless cyber attacks is growing


ECM Insights 2017: only 25% of European enterprises are ready for RODO