Summary of the Check Point Security Day conference

On 13 September 2017, the seventeenth edition of the Check Point Security Day conference organized in cooperation with CLICO took place. The Check Point Security Day conference, during which the most important and the most-current topics related to IT security were discussed, is invariably recognized by industry experts. In connection with the growing number of threats around the world, the construction of a comprehensive security policy and network protection in all organizations is of particular importance. The fight against cybercrime also requires an adaptation of EU law in the detection and reporting of security breaches

One of the most important issues discussed by this year's speakers was personal data protection. From 26 May 2018, all economic entities in the European Union will be governed by the GDPR regulation. Check Point experts pointed out, among others how to prepare a company well to meet the necessary requirements, because there is not much time left.

Check Point Security Day was also an unusual opportunity to meet with experts and security practitioners who deal with, among others, performing security audits, post-burglary analyzes and security enhancement projects.

The offensive in the network is gaining momentum

Attacks on the web are becoming more complex and sophisticated, and their prey is the ever-increasing volumes of data. The massive offensive is related to the fact that today, due to the availability of hacking tools, even an unqualified hacker can organize a complicated campaign. From the Check Point report "Cyber ​​Attacks Trends 2017" a worrying picture emerges - over the last year, the number of attacks on companies has increased by 900%. PwC Global Economic Crime Survey 2016 confirms the growing increase in cyber attacks. According to her, as many as 54% of American companies officially admitted to having been the victim of hackers in the last two years.

According to the Chack Point report from the first half of 2017, which was based on intelligence extracted from the ThreatCloud map (database identifying millions of threats per day), the number of malware-infected networks is growing The most common types of malware today are RoughTed, Fireball and Keliho. RoughTed is responsible for the infection of as many as 28% of corporate networks around the world, in 19% of networks detected Fireball, and in every tenth network - Kelihosa.

Threat area Types of threats
Threats to banking Mobile threats ransomware
America and Mon. 26% 19% 55%
Europe, Middle East and Africa 28% 16% 56%
Asia 34% 32% 34%

Among the various categories of threats, the ransomware is particularly distinguished this year. According to Check Point analysts, the number of ransomware attacks doubled in the first half of 2017 in all regions of the world, rising from 26% (in 2016) to 48%. In North and South America ransomware accounts for 55% of all malware, in ENEA - 56%, least in APAC - 34%.

In the world of mobile devices, the three most active "pests" were Hidad (10% of infections), HummingBad (8% of infections), and Lotoor - all attacking devices with Android. Apple's mobile systems are most often threatened by iOSMalware.

Prevention - future strategy

Specialists from Check Point agree that enterprises could prevent even very sophisticated attacks if they used the potential of technological solutions that are already available on the market, which allow proper network segmentation, hazard emulation, hazard extraction and ensure the safety of points end. It is shocking that despite the ever-increasing danger, only 1% of enterprises implement solutions that proactively prevent attacks. Most use only point safeguards. Such a fragmented approach should be replaced by a strategy aimed at preventing intrusions and using a unified architecture to manage risks.

The examples of good practices presented during the conference related to the use of Check Point tools and technological partners will bring the issue of creating effective security and sealing of the company's networks.

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