Symantec will help detect VPNFilter malware in routers

Symantec as a leading cybersecurity company, provides VPNFilter Check, a free tool that helps individual users and organizations determine whether their routers have been infected with malware VPNFilter.

VPNFilter, first described in May, attacks IoT devices such as routers and network mass storage (NAS) - installs a plug-in that monitors and modifies data sent by the infected router, enabling cybercriminals to implement malicious content, disrupt the router's operation, steal passwords and other sensitive information. The Symantec VPNFilter Check application determines whether the traffic in your home or business is modified by malware.

VPNFilter differs from most other IoT threats because it remains in the infected device even after reboot. The Symantec VPNFilter Check tool provides users and organizations with a simple way to check if their routers have been infected and advise on what to do in the event of an infection.

- said Stephen Trilling, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Security Analytics and Research, Symantec.

It is known that VPNFilter can infect both routers in corporations as well as those used in small and home offices. To check whether the router is infected by VPNFilter, you can use the free Symantec VPNFilter Check tool available here .

Symantec and Norton commercial anti-viruses provide protection against VPNFilter in the price of the package, without the need to install an additional software.

More information on VPNFilter malware, a full list of vulnerable devices and a description of best practices for consumers and businesses can be found here .

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