Test of 21 antivirus programs in Windows 8.1

AV-TEST has published results from a test of 21 antivirus programs. The study was conducted in May and June 2015 in Windows 8.1 64-bit. Programs installed on the default settings could update virus databases and own files at any time, as well as use the technology in the cloud. The test, as usual, reflected the realistic scenario of using real-time security applications.

As always, the study was divided into three parts:

1. Real-time protection

  • Protection against 0day threats was checked. In May and June, 167 samples were used for the test.
  • The second part of the protection checked the detectability of 22449 threats detected in the last four weeks before the test.

2. Performance

  • Testers checked the impact of anti-virus applications on the speed of loading websites, downloading files, installing and running programs, and copying data.

3. Usability

  • This test checks the "usability" of antivirus software - false alarms generated on the basis of opening 500 websites, 1,177,947 clean files were used for on-demand scanning, 39 samples to check if the antivirus program does not generate false alarms when starting and installing application.

A very detailed AV-TEST methodology is described in the article titled " How AV-TEST tests antiviruses - methodology and tools ".

And the results from the test at this address: https://www.av-test.org/en/an…

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