Test of free antivirus scanners (September 2017)

Both individual and corporate users from time to time reach for the programs presented in the report. Due to the growing number of easily identifiable threats, as well as the reviving samples of malicious software using malicious scripts, the role of traditional scanners is not as big as it used to be. All applications tested by AVLab allow scanning of the selected destination, which will be checked for infected files. The programs offering so-called quick check of system areas that do not take into account user's folders.

Authors of malicious code, having access to advanced tools, ready-made guides, and even cybercriminal services, do not facilitate the task of experts delegated to a hard, analytical work. In turn, application designers find it increasingly difficult to reconcile the performance of solutions with the ever-growing database of virus signatures. Traditional scanning techniques are being phased out for more advanced, automated and risk-based learning patterns. In addition, some manufacturers completely give up on-demand scanners, and some pass to the cloud model, leaving functionality available to scan only the most important system areas.

The inconvenience of on-demand scanning tests is their duration. Scanning several thousand infected files in theory should not take too much time. Experience shows that in extreme cases it can take up to a full working day: the scanning time of all files by individual programs varied and ranged from several minutes (Emsisoft Emergency Kit, ClamAV Free Antivirus, Dr.Web CureIt) to several dozen (ESET Online Scanner ). During the first two days of testing, the Arcabit Skaner Online software was characterized by a record delay of over a dozen hours. On the third day, the Arcabit manufacturer implemented an automatic update that made it impossible to continue the test. The change of the Arcabit Skaner Online software operation model during the tests had an impact on the exclusion of the solution from the test. But there are also good sides to this decision - it takes just a few minutes to control active processes, services, drivers and libraries for infection.

Final results of detection of malware samples.

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