Test solutions for business and consumers from Virus Bulletin

The English lab Virus Bulletin, based in Abingdon, published the results of the research, which were carried out from October to December 2014 and included checking the effectiveness of protection on static and unknown samples - coming from the so-called. WildList, which contains a list of viruses classified by the organization that deals with the "census" of viruses - WildList Organization. In addition, the testers tested application performance for both small and medium business as well as for regular home users.

VB also publishes quarterly tests under the name RAP - Reactive and Proactive, which are carried out on a different set of samples and determine the level of protection against new threats, as well as how quickly manufacturers react to emerging new threats.

All tests were carried out on identical machines: AMD A6-3670K Quad Core 2.7GHz CPU, 4GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM, SATA 500GB.

This table shows the results of programs for business with on-demand and on-access tests, where the number of signatures in the producer's database plays the most important role. All programs have detected 100 percent of threats. It is worth mentioning the Polish accent - Arcabit Internet Security. This is not a typical version - Endpoint - but we guess that the manufacturer decided that this product should be tested by VB testers.

The above table and chart show the detailed results of RAP tests for business.

And here is the collection of all tested products.

A detailed report can be found at: https://www.virusbtn.com/viru…

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