Test of treatment of an infected Windows: Kaspersky and Bitdefender on a wave

If antivirus programs can still effectively treat the Windows operating system and restore its status prior to infection? Screenplay treatment of Windows worked laboratory AV-Test, which studied 9 antivirus products and 7 specialized tools for detection and removal of malicious software.

Each of the tested anti-virus products was subjected to two tests. Other tools have to meet a similar task, but on a smaller number of viruses.

Treatment test of Windows

Tested antivirus products:

  1. Avast! Free Antivirus
  2. Avira Antivirus Pro
  3. Bitdefender Internet Security
  4. Enigma Software Spyhunter
  5. G Data Internet Security
  6. Kaspersky Internet Security
  7. Malwarebytes Premium
  8. Microsoft Security Essentials
  9. Symantec's Norton Security

Testing tools:

  1. Avast Antivirus Rescue Disk
  2. Bitdefender Rescue Disk
  3. G Date BootMedium
  4. Heise Disinfect
  5. Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool
  6. Microsoft Safety Scanner
  7. Microsoft Windows Defender Offline

Procedure for antivirus software was divided into two tasks:

  1. In the first scenario, the antivirus installed in already infected system had to meet the task of detection, remove the threat and the remnants of viruses. Applied here 38 samples.
  2. In the second task, when you install programs, excluded protection components in real time, then infekowano the system and again activated protection. In this scenario, they also used 38 samples of viruses.

Test procedure for rescue tools was conditional on the first point.

Regardless of whether the tested antivirus or a specialized tool to disinfect the operating system, any software must detect all samples, restore the system to its state before the infection and remove most all the remnants of viruses.

After acquiring information for antivirus programs received results:

Test leczenia systemu Windows

Test not passed Microsoft Security Essential and Malwarebytes. Microsoft's product is not at all detected two samples in the case of four other failed to remove malicious components. Solution Malwarebytes Premium, once so often used to treat Windows, failed to remove the three still active remnants of viruses. The worst result was awarded the SpyHunter software from the company.

For the best result were characterised by products Bitdefender Internet Security and Kaspersky Internet Security, which has detected all malware samples, including managed to completely remove malicious files the virus, leaving four completely neutralized components or temporary files. The other solution, and so G Data Internet Security, Avast Free Antivirus, Symantec Norton Security and Avira Antivirus Pro positively impact test by removing all threats. However, and not cared without omissions neutralized virus components.

When it comes to the results of other tools:

Test leczenia systemu Windows - dodatkowe narzędzia

The best result obtained again solutions Kaspersky Lab (Kaspersky Removal Tool) and Bitdefender (Bitdefender Rescue Disk), with a slight predominance of producer in Russia. Test positively impact tools Heise Disinfect and G Data BootMedium, by removing all the malware samples. While the products Microsoft Safety Scanner, Microsoft Windows Defender and Avast Rescue Disk failed to remove a few samples of the virus. The worst result obtained the Microsoft Safety Scanner, which is not at all detected two malware samples.

Although presented to the test certainly brings interesting information to the subject of protective products, it's not worth it to count on antivirus effectively removes already running malware. Yet half of poverty, when it will be a relatively harmless pest. Having to deal with the ransomware, where without techniques restore encrypted files on nothing will remove malware, because it does not restore the file to the State it was in before encryption. Safeguard program, you might want to look for one that can proactively block malicious software and restore files after they are encrypted, if the protection at the time of the rezystywnym will prove to be insufficiently effective.

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