Tools and programs to protect privacy

Even the most hardened users can ever have enough of that. In the era of ubiquitous surveillance, which covers almost all aspects of our private life, finally comes the moment when we realize that companies from the private and public sector are going too far . Even if their activities (spying on the web, selling information) did not bring you any negative effect, do you accept such a state of affairs? "Do you have nothing to hide?" Or maybe you just do not want anyone to gather any information about you without your knowledge? Do you need too much?

The NSA is building an infrastructure that allows you to capture almost everything ... I do not want to live in a world where everything I do and say is recorded. Edward Snowden

The authors of the site have reached a similar conclusion. The site contains a list of the most popular open source programs and tools that will significantly improve the user's privacy on the web.

Examples of tools include:

  • VPN servers and proxies, to which (apparently) the FBI has not yet gotten used,
  • recommended browsers and plugins that emphasize privacy and security eg. HTTPS Everywhere, Privacy Badger, Hinder Browser Fingerprinting,
  • advanced Firefox browser settings that significantly improve privacy,
  • alternative e-mail addresses and mail clients (Claws Mail, Thunderbird, Sylpheed),
  • applications for message encryption,
  • applications for encrypting conversations and videoconferences,
  • alternative shared hosting plans,
  • password managers (KeePass, Encrypter - Cloud Based, Mitro - Browser),
  • disk encryption applications,
  • Internet network alternatives,
  • recommended "stationary and mobile" operating systems,
  • alternative routers software,
  • and many others.

Similar projects:

If you know similar projects, share them in a comment.

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