Trend Micro and Europol in the fight against cyber attacks on ATMs

Trend Micro and the European Cybercrime Center (EC3) conducted by Europol published an extensive report on the current state of malware targeting ATMs. In the report entitled Cashing in on ATM Malware describes both physical and network attacks on ATMs using malware. In addition, the locations where such software is created are indicated.

Malware aimed at ATMs has changed significantly. In the past, physical access was required to infect the ATM. Currently, the bank's corporate network is used for this purpose. The report analyzes recent attacks carried out using the bank's network to steal money and credit card details from ATMs, irrespective of network segmentation. These attacks not only endanger the security of information that personally identifies and large sums of money, but also expose banks to violation of PCI standards.

Oldschool's theft of data from the magnetic strip of the card using physical tools.

"A report jointly developed by Trend Micro and the European Cybercrime Center shows that malware used in attacks on ATMs has evolved significantly, and the scope and scale of attacks has increased. Although cooperation between the industry and law enforcement agencies has significantly tightened, this type of crime is flourishing due to the substantial profits waiting for organized criminal groups involved in this procedure. The report assesses the development of this threat. I hope that it will serve as a signpost for the development of cooperation between the industry and law enforcement agencies, "said Steven Wilson, director of the European Center for Fighting Cybercrime.

In addition to the public version of the report, its special version has been made available only to law enforcement authorities, financial institutions and the IT security industry. It contains more details that allow private and public organizations to strengthen the protection of ATMs and network systems, and to prevent future attacks against financial institutions.

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