Trend Micro: under fire medical sector and point of sale systems

The situation in the cybersecurity arena in the first quarter of this year stood above all the emergence of attacks using both old and new methods. Malicious advertising (malvertising), 0-day exploits, malware, old and already ten years the threat of this new report antybohaterowie only some FREAK Trend Micro Incorporated-"Bad Ads and Zero-Days: Reemerging Threats Challenge Trust in Supply Chains and Best Practices "(" Bad ads and zero-day: re-emerging threats undermine the confidence in the sales system and best practices "). From the perspective of the individual sectors, increased activity of threats against health care systems and retail outlets. The authors of the report point out that in the current situation, in which administrators have a very small margin of error, passivity may contribute to a significant increase in the risks associated with cyber threats.

"Despite the fact that the year 2015 has just started, now we see that it will be important both in terms of scale and sophistication and level of sophistication of emerging attacks," says Raimund Genes, CTO, Trend Micro. "The increase in the number of attacks against systems of health care institutions, combined with the increasing prevalence of malicious ads indicates that users are currently under attack from several fronts at the same time. There is no doubt that both business and individual users must adopt an active and preventive posture to protect against these threats. What would your company's policy in an environment of zero? Maintaining the security of the financial resources, personal and intellectual property requires the adoption of a different, strong defense strategy ".

Adware took the first on threats against mobile platforms-Trend Micro experts have identified more than 5 million threats of attacking the Android system, approaching 8 million projected for the end of this year. What's more, malicious and potentially dangerous applications blocked in this period by Trend Micro tools have been associated with adware threats, which corresponds to the observed increase in their numbers.

Trend Micro analysts also found that zero day exploits against Adobe used malicious advertisements, so users do not have to already visit malicious pages to infect their systems.

In the sector of medical services has been observed significant increase in the number of cyber-attacks, and iOS platform and point of sale systems still were under fire. As that exploits against the objectives of this type for several years were still little advanced, analysts conclude that an increase in their number is associated primarily with the lack of preparation for the attack – this omission, which will need to address.

"We must ask ourselves today question: whether our actions are sufficient to protect us against threats?" added Genes. "It is true that we must continually update our systems to protect against new attacks, however, the first quarter of this year shows clearly that we need to be careful about older threats and there is no operating system or the service sector, which is not This includes ".

The main points of the report

  • Serious attacks on medical services industry: some of the biggest institutions of medical services industry, Premera Blue Cross and Anthem, have been victims of identity theftas a result of which revealed financial information and medical million customers.
  • Old threats reinforced with new tools to targeted attacks, new tactics and procedures of attack: Rocket Kitten and the persons responsible for the operation of the Pawn Storm direct look at new targets proving that attacks targeted continue to evolve.
  • Exploit Kit packages become more sophisticated: packages exploit kit continues to develop, expand your arsenal with new exploits and become more attractive for both advanced and beginners.
  • The dynamic increase in the number of threats crypto-ransomware targeted also in enterprises: threats crypto-ransomware targeted are new targets, attacking not only customers, but also the company.
  • Macro Malware – old but still effective: back threats macro malware indicates that cyber criminals exploit the passivity of the users, who rely on the default Microsoft Office vulnerability.
  • Known for decades of vulnerability in FREAK calls difficulty with security updates: more and more security vulnerabilities appear in systems and open source applications make IT systems administrators will be getting more difficult to reduce the risk of attacks.

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Source: Trend Micro

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