Two new FortiGate firewalls and integration of FortiClient software with the ATP Fortinet platform

Fortinet - provider of advanced network security solutions - develops its platform for protection against advanced threats ( Advanced Threat Protection, ATP ), introducing integration with FortiClient and two new firewalls from the FortiGate-3000 series.

The new FortiClient. Advanced protection on end devices

An increasing number of unsecured end devices (computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.) increase the vulnerability of corporate networks to attack. The next-generation FortiClient software integrates now with the ATP platform, which includes FortiSandbox. This solution automatically quarantines unknown, quarantined objects for later investigation.

FortiClient software uses advanced anti-virus mechanisms based on heuristic analysis and reputation analysis. In this way it is able to counteract both current and future threats ( zero-day type ). FortiClient protects devices, filters and inspects visited websites and physically connected peripherals (eg USB drives). FortiClient has recently received the highest Advanced + rating from AV Comparatives in the malware detection test.

Internal network firewalls will protect the most valuable data

Hackers behind the most advanced attacks look for ways to bypass security at the interface between the corporate network and the public network. They most often use infected end devices. Many attacks are carried out from within the network, where most of the security systems used are helpless. The traffic intensity in such networks can be up to four times higher than the incoming traffic to the network from the external environment and leaving it, so a solution is needed to ensure high performance of the scanned traffic.

The new Fortinet firewalls - FortiGate-3000D and FortiGate-3100D - have been designed for comprehensive network protection. They are equipped with 32 10 GbE ports and FortASIC systems. They are characterized by small dimensions (only 2U height). Devices are able to examine all traffic in the internal network and prevent the spread of malicious code. FortiGate solutions working in conjunction with FortiSandbox devices actively detect new, yet unknown threats and malicious code, and then send collected data to the FortiGuard Labs laboratory, where they are analyzed in order to prepare appropriate vaccines. The finished updates are then automatically sent in real time to all Fortinet security solutions around the world.

ATP's advanced threat protection platform protects traffic within the corporate network and prevents the spread of threats to other segments. Fortinet's multi-layered approach to security is extremely important for the early detection and prevention of advanced attacks that circumvent traditional security systems. The integration of FortiGate, FortiMail, FortiSandbox and FortiClient solutions under the ATP banner enables comprehensive protection against current and future threats. An ecosystem consisting of these solutions allows to minimize the risk of an effective attack on the company's network - said John Maddison, vice president of Fortinet.

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