Unofficial BETA Comodo Internet Security 9

Comodo, through effective protection already on the default settings, but also thanks to the Polish distributor IT Partners Security SP. z o.o., which from 1 January 2015 year started the page was and provides distribution and support technical software Comodo Endpoint Security Manager to protect corporate computers, may soon take on the Polish market. Unfortunately, as of today, the free version of Comodo Internet Security is not supported by technicians in Poland. Software Comodo Internet Security is provided by the manufacturer for free (not including the paid version), for this reason, any technical problems with the applications of Comodo you can report forum AVLab at

Comodo Internet Security 9

The forum and the forum appeared the information and a link to download the trial version of Comodo Internet Security 9. At the moment a link to the Web server and the installer EXE was removed by the manufacturer, or a failure has been the server. Both options are possible, because one of the services, Comodo also not responding.

This version is intended for users participating in the beta test. We have asked the manufacturer to make the changes in version 9, but any changelog has not yet been developed. Not only that, the manufacturer still doesn't quite admit to set out here the version of the application.

The changes that we have seen in Comodo Internet Security 9

  • The new Setup, and actually the online Installer, which weighs 5 MB. All necessary for the operation of the files will be downloaded during the installation of the product.
  • The manufacturer has changed the default application interface by adding template Arcadia. Same setup, communications, Desktop Widget, Windows Advanced Configuration and scan still have the old layout.
  • Icon in the system tray takes the red, if your computer is at risk/virus database are not up to date, or green, if the system is safe and all the components are up to date.
  • Secure Shopping – not yet known whether it will be a new feature. At the moment, it suggests that Comodo will give your package a module that will keep data security when you use e-banking and online shopping. For now, click on the Secure Shopping redirects to the Comodo to buy paid versions of Comodo Internet Security Pro, Complete and GeekBuddy along with version of the CIS.

For more details we have to wait.

Either way by installing Comodo Internet Security free version we get siedmiowarstwową protection:

1. Based on the signature,
2. Assessment of the safety of the files in the cloud,
3. Automatic sandbox, in which run unknown applications and malware as yet unknown manufacturer in signatures, if the files are not digitally signed.
4. the HIPS, which constantly monitors system activity, automatically protects critical system files, folders, and registry keys to prevent unauthorized modification by malicious programs.
5. Viruscope constantly monitors the operation of processes running on the computer and tells you if they can potentially threaten privacy/safety of users. This module is based on behavioral analysis and allows you to reverse the potentially unwanted application actions without having to remove it.
6. Bi-directional firewall.
7. Web Filtering (black/white list).

Of course that's not all. With additional tools and functionality, working with antivirus application may be non-invasive, and the corresponding configuration protection components, for a long time can effectively protect your computer from unknown malware.

  • Virtual desktop (Kiosk) – secure virtual desktop, which can be run during execution of banking operations, but also to test the software.
  • Comodo Cleaning Essentials, with the help of which you clear persistent infections.
  • Comodo KillSwitch, which process monitoring and system activity has never been so easy.
  • Rescue disk, which can be started from a CD or Flash drive to clean the PC.
  • Firewall, which can warn or block for incoming connections.
  • Current network connections so that we can quickly check which applications connect to the network.

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