Update G DATA v13.2 for business customers

The G DATA Antivirus Business, G DATA Client Security Business, G DATA Endpoint Protection Business and G DATA Managed Endpoint Security solutions have been updated to version 13.2.

The introduced changes for devices with iOS are now integrated with the enterprise IT infrastructure and can be centrally managed by network administrators. In addition, in all versions of business packages, G DATA introduced the USB KEYBOARD GUARD module providing protection against manipulated drives and USB devices (BadUSB) (see G Data USB Keyboard Guard - protection from manipulated USB drives ).

"Many companies that are leaders in their industry enjoy unhealthy interest from cybercriminals. The theft of important company data as for construction plans, information on production processes or customer base can have a devastating effect on their financial condition and market position. The updated G DATA software for business is a comprehensive solution. This means that mobile devices are as well protected as laptops, desktop computers or company servers. "- explains Walter Schumann, a board member of G DATA Software AG.

Over 90% of mobile devices sold in the world operate under the two most popular systems - Android and iOS (source: IDC). That is why devices with these mobile systems since version 13.2 have been integrated as fully-fledged clients in the network protected by G DATA.

The Mobile Device Management module allows the administrator to conveniently review all smartphones and tablets in the managed company network. Appropriate security settings can be applied through the central management console, the security policy characteristic of each company or the anti-theft settings are now under full admin control.

The most important functions 13.2

  1. Perfect protection for servers and workstations thanks to comprehensive proactive protection and up-to-date signature databases without affecting the performance of protected devices.
  2. Improved Mobile Device Management module - integrating mobile devices with Android and iOS systems as fully-fledged clients in a protected network
  3. AntiSpam for Exchange - a protection module dedicated to Exchange servers receives, together with the 13.2 update, a centrally managed anti-spam technology for the Exchange infrastructure. It enables centralized management of an Exchange plug-in with support for white and black lists of e-mail addresses and domains
  4. G DATA BankGuard for secure online transactions
  5. USB KEYBOARD GUARD provides protection against manipulated devices connected to USB ports
  6. Integrated anti-virus anti-virus protection and anti-spam protection
  7. Full functionality outside the corporate network structures (sales representatives, delegations)
  8. Simple administration and a clear interface providing all necessary information about the administered network
  9. The catalog of hardware and software used on clients in the protected network
  10. Remote administration from anywhere thanks to MobileAdmin
  11. Access control and web content for defining the rules of using the Internet in an enterprise
  12. Optional: PatchManagement for central management of updates of installed software on client stations

Free upgrade for existing customers

Business customers with an active license can upgrade their G DATA software for the latest version free of charge.

source: G Data

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