As users of Apple's approach to its own cybersecurity-the study of F-Secure

New F-Secure survey shows how different users of Apple hardware from the owners of other brands. The study asked 2000 Americans what device they use in their free time and on the basis of replies from ok. 1000 users.

Conducted in April this year the test was intended to check, what are the needs of users of different devices in the field of security and privacy. Respondents answered 20 questions about the type of device used, why use such equipment and how they perceive the various aspects of privacy and security online. Here are the most interesting findings of the study:

  • 46% of Apple users said that the transactions for purchases online carry out using their mobile devices, as compared with 14% of users from other manufacturers is a big percentage.
  • 56% of holders of apples combines public Wi-Fi networks more than once a week. So behave only 29% of the owners of the devices from other manufacturers.
  • 44% of Apple users have or are planning to in the near future to use VPN solutions, and only 27% of the holders of the remaining equipment.
  • The majority of respondents who use Apple stated that it is prepared to pay more than $100 for the recovery of stolen or lost data, while users of other devices in most likely are to spend less than $100 in order to recover the data.
  • The greater the number of respondents that use Apple admitted that their friends qualify them as "creative".
  • Apple owners believe that their community is more secure from users of other equipment manufacturers.

He says Police Advisor to the EUSR. F-Secure security Sean Sullivan, the study shows that Apple users are more mobile and more vulnerable to online threats, but at the same time benefit from the technologies that allow them to manage this risk. It's interesting, because the Apple community members see it as safer than others and this causes are more likely to carry out such as. online transactions. A larger percentage uses VPN solutions, which means that not only are aware of online threats, but they know the products that help you fight them.

Whether people creative have fewer illusions about security?

Among respondents who answered that their friends describe them as "creative", the prevalence of Apple users, which means that they represented a substantial proportion of the users of creative among the participants of the survey. Because creativity attach more Apple device users than other respondents, a subset of creative let draw some additional proposals on how different people perceive their devices and how to use them. Here are some interesting findings on respondents creative:

  • The majority of respondents stated that creative would 100 dollars or more to recover the lost or stolen content, while the majority of respondents "effective" would no more than 100 dollars.
  • 44% of respondents creative uses or plans to use VPN, compared with only 30% of respondents effective.
  • 37% of respondents creative believes that are more exposed to dangers on the Web than other people using the same devices, compared with only 20% of respondents effective.

Sullivan was not surprised that according to most of their respondents their community is less exposed to the risks, but I was surprised it that respondents creative seem to deny the trend.

"Is a textbook example of an optimistic bias, a well-known psychological phenomenon. It is fascinating that the creative person immediately are less inclined to optimism, than effective, "said Sullivan. -It's only speculation, but it may be that the person creative better can imagine the risks.  And if you take account of the fact that among the users of Apple is more creative types, you can tell that they have fewer illusions about security. "

But Sullivan himself is called "windowsowcem", it regularly and enthusiastically uses the Freedome on your iPad.

"A clean interface and a wide set of functions is something which I think is important for Apple users, so it's ideal for privacy and data protection for people who use the company's equipment".

Freedome of F-Secure VPN is a security app that respects the privacy of users, encrypts the communication stops trying to trace, blocking malicious sites and allows you to select one of the 17 virtual locations in order to obtain access to streaming sites and services with geo-blocking. Freedome is currently available for iOS, OS X and Android, Windows PCs and Amazon Fire. To June 11, you can visit this siteto register for an extended three-month free trial or get a 50% discount on a one-year subscription Freedome for three devices.

Source: the survey was conducted in the United States by Toluna Analytics among 1000 respondents. More details and results can be found here.

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