Kaspersky Lab wins in court for defamation

Unia a Kaspersky Lab

Anna Fotyga warns against Kaspersky Lab and we warn against incompetence of this lady and ACTA II

kaspersky lab strona www

Kaspersky Lab announces the transfer of the main infrastructure from Russia to Switzerland

kaspersky lab

Kaspersky Lab products with a certificate confirming computer security

Kaspersky Free

Kaspersky Free: a free antivirus for users from Poland


Kaspersky Lab appeals against the court's decision regarding the prohibition of using the company's products at US federal agencies


Kaspersky Lab has developed a secure online voting system based on block chain technology


Kaspersky Lab will make available the source code of your software and will be independently audited


Secret NSA documents stolen through backdoors in Kaspersky Lab anti-viruses (reportedly)

bez pieniedzy

"Date dollar": a new currency based on the value of confidential information