Vulnerabilities in software are a significant threat that companies still disregard - the F-Secure report

F-Secure company specializing in cybersecurity, claims that more than 70 percent. enterprises are vulnerable to attacks by neglecting software updates. This is surprising given the availability of security solutions that can help companies manage their updates.

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team claims in a recent warning that up to 85 percent of targeted attacks can be prevented by using simple precautions, primarily by updating software using the latest security patches. *

However, many companies still do not realize how important and valuable software updates are. The last F-Secure ** study shows that only 27 percent. Enterprise has a solution to manage the updates. The problem is particularly evident in France, where only 15 percent. respondents admit that their companies have a tool to manage software patches. On the other hand, 46 percent Nordic companies use such tools, which means that they are better prepared to protect resources against threats that exploit vulnerabilities in the software.

According to Timo Hirvonen from the research department at F-Secure, the reluctance of companies to update software shows how many enterprises do not understand the contemporary landscape of threats.

- Many people think that updating software is a tedious task that can damage applications or cause other problems, but in reality it is exactly the opposite. Criminals expect users to ignore security patches, and are working hard to create attacks targeted precisely at these vulnerabilities that should be prevented. This allows them to launch an attack before users install the update. The entire attack strategy is based on the fact that companies use unpatched software.

F-Secure Labs have seen an 82 percent increase in attacks targeting the Flash vulnerability, revealed after data from Hacking Team *** was stolen last July. According to Hirvonen, such sudden increases in activity make attacks using software vulnerabilities extremely dangerous, and timely and urgent software updates are so important.

Enterprises that want to implement a reliable security solution with a patch management feature can use security software such as the F-Secure Business Suite . The latest edition of Business Suite includes an updated version of the award-winning F-Secure Client Security product, which combines automated patch management with additional tools that help companies control the risks associated with attacks on software vulnerabilities and other online threats.

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** Source: The study was conducted from April 26 to May 16 among 1780 respondents from Europe.
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