WatchGuard will secure the network of small and medium companies at the DNS level

WatchGuard, a manufacturer of advanced network security solutions, announced that it took over Percipient Networks, the creator of affordable and automated security solutions for small and medium enterprises. Strongarm (Percipient Networks' flagship product) suppresses phishing and malware attacks by offering an easy-to-deploy security-oriented security service for DNS-level operations. Strongarm integrated with WatchGuard devices will increase the security effectiveness of existing malware protection techniques and extend the functionality of the Total Security Suite (TSS) service set in WatchGuard devices, becoming a key element in the security offer.

In 2016, as many as 76% of organizations reported being victims of phishing attacks. The size of the company and the type of industry did not play any role in the attack, which is why protection against phishing and other online threats is of key importance for companies. The Strongarm service monitors outgoing DNS requests and blocks traffic on websites based on a list of known malicious domains. What's more, by monitoring domain-level requests, filtering functions include all ports and protocols. The Strongarm integration with the comprehensive, unified WatchGuard security platform will provide customers with the best possible protection against various threats.

In the world of growing and constantly changing security threats, there is no best choice when it comes to protection. Many organizations have no resources to research and implement a long list of security solutions. Therefore, WatchGuard's mission is the continuous evolution of our unified security platform to provide the best combination of security services in a simple package, so that corporate-class security will be available to everyone. Adding security to the DNS layer is another example of our mission. Said Prakash Panjwani, CEO of WatchGuard.

WatchGuard will secure the network at the DNS service level

In addition to blocking traffic on dangerous sites, the Strongarm platform has been designed to facilitate maximum user education and IT administration. Instead of blocking traffic to potentially malicious sites, the service collected additional information about the attack, and the administrator is presented with educational materials aimed at preventing future attacks. Percipient Networks also employs a threat analysis team that works with IT managers and managed service providers (MSPs) to provide additional information about attacks and how to prevent them in the future. WatchGuard will continue to invest in both areas.

WatchGuard Total Security

WatchGuard partners and customers will be able to get early access to the new DNS filtering service this month when the product is released in beta. The new service will be generally available as part of the Total Security Suite comprehensive security suite. All Total Security Suite customers will get instant access to the new feature at no additional charge.

A detailed review of the WatchGuard platform for small and medium enterprises is available on the AVLab website .

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