Wdrożenie GDPR / RODO from Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab launched an online service that will help EU companies travel the road to good data and business success in the long run. By offering an assessment tool that will help determine readiness to meet the requirements of the regulation, as well as resources presenting practical advice to apply, this site aims to provide companies with the necessary incentive to complete the adaptation process.

Despite the imminent date of entry into force of the regulation and the obligations imposed on companies to strengthen information protection practices in the storage and processing of personal data - as well as severe financial penalties1 in the event of non-compliance - a new study conducted by Kaspersky Lab revealed that one in five decision-makers in IT departments (20%) he still has little knowledge about this regulation or does not know anything about it.

While the legal and information security departments and management representatives have a general strategy for the regulation, people on the first line of data service in other areas of the company may not be as well prepared and may not know what their expectations are. This online service is intended to help clarify the responsibilities of companies and individual employees.

Regardless of whether companies have so far hidden their head in the sand, or are already at an advanced stage of the preparation process for the regulation, the online assessment tool will carry them through a series of questions that will help to assess the current "health" of data throughout the organization, and present important tips on how to meet the key challenges that organizations will face.

The website is available free of charge at https://gdprkaspersky.com

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