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"BadRabbit? I have this backup"-so you probably thought of many administrators. In a sense, rightly so, because the backup is still the best cure for the effects of the malware. However, the latest findings of the company ANZENA-expert data protection and maintain the continuity of IT — has shown that although IT professionals make up the backup on a regular basis, only 5% of them validates files at least once a week. Backup will save the administrator, but who will check the backup?

October 2017 was one of the most difficult months in the history of data protection. The next global outbreak this year pass — this time in the form of BadRabbit — recalled that cyber security day ransomware is not a State, and a dynamic process of continuous adaptation to new types of threats. Among alerted virus specialists were m.in. the participants of the Conference Advanced Security Systems organized in Poznań and Szczecin by expert data protection company ANZENA. More than a hundred administrators, managers, and security professionals taking part in the event, shared their observations in the survey Organizer. Their responses indicate that part of the Polish companies and institutions may not be ready for encryption attacks and other cases of data loss.

Up to 49% of the respondents have experienced infection coding on the Web your own company or institution, and 88% personally knows the others attacked by ransomware. So it's no surprise that only 7% of experts considers security measures implemented in the workplace sufficient to deter such an attack. In theory, the awareness of security vulnerabilities should feel like administrators to backup frequently, as soon as an antidote to the encryption. This is in fact-all respondents declared themselves regularly create backup of your critical data. As a regular? In 71% of specialists last backup file would be one day. "A few days" is a selection of 17%, 5% identified the age of your backup on "over a week", and a further 5% of the last created file could take more than a month. How much data loss of the month of a large company? In the mildest cases, at least the position of administrator ... However, its real costs can strain the health of even a stable business, not to mention the smaller companies and entities with less liquidity. The last 2% of respondents not able to estimate the news their backups, which could mean that the backupowi does not give too much attention there.

And as they look to test backup restore statistics? In a perfect world, such check is carried out on a daily basis, because I incorrectly made file often strikes through the chances of recovering data. The participants of the Conference showed, however, that with the busy schedule of the average administrator closer to reality tests every few dozen days. Only 5% of respondents worked your backup in the last week, and 11% in the month preceding the Conference. Quarterly testing your copies of 34% of respondents. "Once a year" indicated 19%, and 29% said they had their backup does not verify at all. What is an expert?

If one in five administrator tests the backup once a year, and the third does not do this at all, it's their optimism belies the thesis about czarnowidztwie of Poles-jokes Krystian Smętek, systems engineer solutions StorageCraft ShadowProtect SPX — and seriously: our security, or rather his sense of is only a psychological premise that today once again manage to get past the "someone else's" accidents and disasters. Meanwhile in IT without the current, proven up feels like it only wydmuszka that brutally squashed up server failure or a new attack encryptor. For this reason, regular backup, and his tests should be typed in the security policy of each organization, and it has been observed as important as growing sales of bars. Increasingly they depend on the news and the availability of our data.

If we are not sure if our backup is created and tested in an optimal way worth search your security policy. Collected there procedures is the first to support the administrator in the event of a crisis situation. Of course, assuming that you are up to date, and this unfortunately happens differently.

When carrying out audits often meet with politicians, whose actual implementation dates back to 30% of the plan-comments on Karolina Blank, information security Administrator and auditor of the company ANZENA-good security policy should be the resultant practices and resources of the IT team, so we write it so that all the recorded actions were realistically feasible in time slots. The consequence in this regard not only raise the real safety of our business, but also help meet the requirements of the data protection dictated EU RODO.

Regulation on the protection of personal data shall enter into force on May 25, 2018 at.

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