We are not yet ready to accept Smart cars

Created by Elona Stroke vision to build a network of tunnels under Los Angeles and flying cars Uber shows that it's time for technological change in the transportation. The automotive companies also do not take off their feet with gas. Manufacturers such as Ford, Peugeot, Jaguar or Seat presented the autonomous vehicles during this year's technological trade fair MWC in Barcelona. They showed in this manner, what are the opportunities for more efficient and safe travel.

Nevertheless, there are still many obstacles. Because a lot of companies fighting for the lead role of the autonomous revolution and each is doing it in their own way, on the market there have been a number of standards, which inhibits the growth of. There is also a variety of concerns related to the rules and laws. As long as the producers want their solutions were in accordance with the regulations in the UK and Europe, have to answer these questions.

One of the most serious challenges on the road to the creation of the autonomous car is cyber security. The risks associated with connecting to the Internet and mobile networks is obvious; a hacker who would have access to such a system can remotely manipulate critical infrastructure security, causing a huge threat. But still there was no attack on a large scale in the year 2015 "lawful hackers" managed to take control on a jeep cherokee on and off in the transmission.

Rightly put a lot of pressure on it, that such vehicles were safe for passengers. Safety is a top priority from the design stage through the entire production process. However describes this problem from only one perspective. We must also take steps to secure your smart infrastructure and the complexity of the growing ecosystem of application.

Immaturity of infrastructure

Cars of the future will be properly connected to intelligent systems. Unfortunately, our infrastructure simply is not strong enough to manage the data associated with the Internet of things in cars and protect this information.

Innovation in the infrastructure will be crucial to ensure communication between vehicles and the places to which they were going. This is important also in the context of the collect and analyze a large amount of data, which can allow the authorities for example. limitation of emissions of oxides of carbon, reducing traffic on the roads and providing security for them. Network connections, which will form the Foundation of the entire solution, likely to become the objective of the action to cause chaos. Therefore, the security of the infrastructure should be considered an absolute priority. Certainly appear points of contact, which will connect operating systems separately of car manufacturers, urban infrastructure and network providers. That is where it is necessary to ensure the highest level of security, because probably it is likely these points will be attacked first.

Rozpełzanie data from the application

With the development of smart cities and the increasing sophistication of technology in cars, cars increasingly will resemble a set of applications that connect to the environment by big data and the internet of things. The GSMA, bringing together mobile operators around the world provides that to 2020 year average car will be full of all sorts of applications. In turn, the analyst firm Gartner estimates that by that time the 250 million cars will be connected to the network, and equipped with all kinds of sensors.

The company combines features of the Internet of things in cars with your systems will be able to automate business processes, and even go further and check the route of movement of goods, monitor the temperature of food or analyze the skills the driver. In turn, the driver themselves will be able to use the car to pay for example. the toll highway, or for entry to the center of the city. Unprecedented appears before the ability to share their data.

Companies have a great opportunity to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. However, this security will be the main differentiator, under which customers will make decisions about buying a smart car. These companies, which will use the tested and safe platform, will gain customers ' trust. the whole industry will move in to autonomous driving.

Preparing for the future

From 2019 year on British motorways will be seat belts for cars. Their vision is, therefore, getting closer to realization. Still need to work a ton of work to connect to the network and to secure the next generation of smart cars and find a way to make on this. Security was often only when designing solutions to such vehicles. Therefore, to autonomous cars have become the Foundation of our connected world, producers must provide for effective and strong security solutions. This is the only way you can be sure that at the end of the road will be faster, smarter, and safer society.

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