We know which antivirus will not slow down Windows 10

Antiviruses effectively protect computers from viruses, but not all of them positively affect the speed of their work. AV-Comparatives, an independent center that tests antivirus effectiveness on a daily basis, this time checked how anti-virus programs load operating systems of home computers. Check which package was the lightest in operation.

AV-Comparatives conducted its test among 21 antivirus providers and security packages. The study assessed the impact of the work of the tested programs on the performance of the operating system, including on the speed of copying data, archiving files, installing and uninstalling programs, launching applications, downloading files from the network, or loading speed of websites. Among the solutions of such manufacturers as Avast, AVG, McAfee or Symantec, the fastest ESET product was the best result. Interestingly, in September AV-Comparatives, in a very similar test, checked the lightness of business solutions. The ESET solution also performed the best.

Why are the results of the AV-Comparatives test important for users who want to protect their computer against threats? Using an antivirus that overloads your computer can have a negative impact on the operating system and the performance of the protected machine. If the anti-virus can work unnoticed for the performance of a computer, more resources can be used by the user eg during work or entertainment. On a computer with such an antivirus program websites load faster, faster files are downloaded from the network, and activities such as copying files or installation of programs takes place instantly.

AV-Comparatives carried out this study in September 2017 on computers with the Windows 10 RS2 64-bit operating system. The full report is available on the AV-Comparatives website .

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