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Product name: 360 Total Security
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Chinese manufacturer Qihoo has version seventh free software 360 Total Security. The product has been enhanced with several new features that are sure to taste this, die-hard fans of this antivirus.

What's new in 360 Total Security 7

1. Date of Hijacking Protection, whose task is preventive protection against viruses from the family of ransomware. Date of Hijacking Protection is intended to protect by such pests as TeslaCrpyt or CTB-Locker that encrypt documents, PDF files and pictures difficult to decipher algorithm that causes the encrypted data for the moment are not recoverable ( Apart from a few exceptions, but this is the theme of a longer article).

So, if sparzyliście already on similar harmful software, we recommend you try the newest product also Arcabit, which was enriched with SafeStorage module. It really is your data is safe – see test: Ransomware for the latest version of Arcabit is no longer any threat.

2. The second new and the most important component of the protection is a firewall, which by default is inactive. You can enable it by going to your Tool Box and by clicking on the appropriate icon. Firewall is based on application GlassWire, actually, is it an application integrated with your antivirus program GlassWire. From the information available, the user can read visualization of network activity, which applications and servers in which countries connect to installed programs on your system, and how many individual applications sent and received data.

3. The third important new element is the module for the protection of the browsers Browser Support for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Yandex. Its purpose is to block websites phishinowych, sites containing malware, scan the downloaded files and the safe use of online purchases.

Unfortunately, the module does not always work correctly. Antivirus when you first start the browser automatically proposes the installation of. Only after the second reboot the installation went smoothly, but the next restart of the system caused the extension despite that was active in the Chrome, antivirus and Yes, "cried out" about his installation. The manufacturer must on this yet.

The tests

Real-time protection

As usual, once by the manufacturer of the official and stable release we are testing new software, to see whether the new modules really have improved the effectiveness of protection and performance.

On the host system with parameters 8 GB of DDR3 RAM, AMD FX-6300 6-core, 1xSSD, 1xHDD installed a virtual Windows 7 x 64, on which the default settings you installed 360 Total Security version Motors and the remaining Bitdefendera Aviry is inactive. Firewall, and browser protection have been installed and activated.
The test is divided into three phases:

1. The first step was to block malicious software already in the browser Chrome (disabled the lock before the malware). Sequentially run 40 malicious Web pages, which contain various types of malicious files. None of the links URL was not blocked by 360 Total Security.

2. The second step check detection is not blocked in the first stage of the risks based on signatures and preliminary, but automatic scanning of the file. On 40 malicious files the program has blocked up 39.

3. In the third stage, where malicious code is run, and to the protection of the cast are all technologies (static analysis, dynamic and real-time emulation code, etc.), left after the second stage of malware, antivirus has blocked malicious activity after a few tens of seconds.

Analysis of the above file on VT: https://www.virustotal.com/pl…

Test for anti-phishing

This test was designed to check the detection of phishing sites, and so such that trick the victim access data banks, payment card numbers and logins and passwords for different sites. It is worth to note that the parties used in the test were not older than 24 hours. Sorry, but 360 Total Security 7 does not detect any of them-0/20.

Protection against Ransomware

The program has been tested for detectability of hazards data encryption. The application wychwyciła all samples not allowing infection. Last sample TeslaCrypt was delivered from our unfortunate reader, whose computer company fell victim to encrypt files. Lost in this way hundreds of image files, documents and photos.

  1. CTB-Locker SHA256: feb609be0898e8da070811eb70ec98de0d64e9d28d5eebec7e75088c6159218f
  2. Cryptofortress SHA256:2b1f36a4c856b989a941f454fcce3a5e9670b21de105c5014450cbdaa27ed1cb
  3. Cryptowall 3.0 SHA256:9e06d2ce0741e039311261acc3d3acbaba12e02af8a8f163be926ca90230fa89
  4. Teslacrypt: SHA256:3372c1edab46837f1e973164fa2d726c5c5e17bcb888828ccd7c4dfcc234a370

All samples were blocked before they can run.

The performance of the

Virtual machine running Windows 7 Ultimate x 64 on board is assigned to 2 GB RAM, dual core CPU and HDD. Installed the programs m.in. Microsoft Office 2013, Chrome, Firefox, Adobe Reader, Java, Adobe Flash, and 360 Total Security 7 has been a study that tested the exact CPU usage and RAM by antivirus processes. The measurements reflect the actual use of resources by the anti-virus application processes for both RAM and CPU.

In idle mode, during the 5-minute test results was collected every one second. On average, the program processes to act need 0.120% processor time and ~ 22, 4 MB of RAM.

During the 5-minute scan (full scan) processes on average consume 8.300% processor time and ~ 83 MB RAM.

The program is available for download for Windows and Mac OS X on the manufacturer's website: http://www.360totalsecurity.com/en/features/360-total-security/

Please note that the manufacturer has made available a stripped-down 360 Total Security Essential for people that do not need outside anti-virus extra features, especially those that do not comply with any security features, and only remove the remains because unnecessary files on your system.

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