Webroot signs a partnership agreement with Palo Alto Networks

Webroot is gaining an increasing share of the IT Security market. After starting cooperation with LogRythm - one of the largest companies involved in network forensics and creating systems for detecting and combating Internet crime (SIEM), and HP, which introduced the Webroot service BrightCloud IP Reputation Service to their solutions, it is the turn of cooperation with Palo Alto Networks - a provider of next-generation firewalls.

Cooperation on the exchange of information about threats is supposed to bring both Webroot and Palo Alto Networks mutual benefit. However, the customers of Palo Alto and indirectly the clients of the UTM device manufacturer will be especially satisfied with this cooperation. The implemented BrightCloud IP Reputation Service in Palo Alto products will allow the company to receive very accurate data about malicious Internet addresses, increase the ability to detect, block threats, affect the overall security performance and cause the time needed to identify a new threat to be significantly shortened.

The Webroot BrightCloud IP Reputation Service can help organizations increase the potential for detecting and blocking threats to the internal network, "said Chad Kinzelberg of Palo Alto Networks.

We are happy that we can start cooperation with Palo Alto Networks - said Mike Malloy, vice president of products and strategies at Webroot. By leveraging the potential of BrightCloud, Palo Alto Networks customers will experience better security performance and reduced time to identify threats.

BrightCloud IP Reputation Service

BrightCloud IP Reputation Service is a real-time service that provides a wealth of information about threats. Webroot, instead of using security technologies based on static lists, uses the dynamic reputation of IP hosts, which is refreshed every few minutes on the manufacturer's servers. Correlating BrightCloud service with Webroot Intelligence Network technology uses data architecture to provide comprehensive information about threats. The synergistic combination of services monitors over 4.3 billion IP addresses, provides information about a dynamic blacklist containing about 12 million dangerous IP addresses and allows to obtain additional metadata related to IP addresses that are stored in the Webroot database in the cloud.

Additional information about BrightCloud IP Reputation Service:

More information about the manufacturer Webroot: http://avlab.pl/producent/web…

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