What awaits us? The forecast of cybersecurity on 2018 year

Arnold h. Glasow said that the problem with the future is that typically reaches out to us before we are ready for it. The last year certainly surprised us, when malicious software WannaCry and Petya attacked companies around the world, causing unprecedented damage, while serious new vulnerability, such as BlueBorne, have been detected in almost every network-connected device. Company Check Point Software Technologies shared their forecasts regarding the cybersecurity for the year 2018.

As experts Check Point, at a time when news of the attacks on a large scale, dominated the news headlines, behind the scenes there appeared other relevant trends in cybersecurity, which may also make it harder for the everyday life. These trends result from the increasing reliance on digital technology and the fact that government organizations and the private sector to gather and use more and more sensitive personal data, increasing the potential losses in the event of theft of information or manipulate criminal or political purposes. So what are the emerging trends in the Internet? How can we prepare to cope with them and reduce their impact?

(F) as Fake News

"Fake news"-the term was recently one of the words of the year 2017 Collins, the Publisher of the dictionary. In recent years, hacking data and publish them on social networks has become a common way of distribution (not necessarily true) information about the activities of individuals, companies and even countries. But of course, the same technique is also used as a weapon to destroy the reputation and spread propaganda through the leak false information, in the narrative of the type "zhakowaliśmy them and we have gained their secret data".

Tests carried out after the U.S. presidential election, 2016, showed that the most widely distributed news during the election were fraudulent. What's more, the study of Stanford University showed how difficult it is to distinguish the true from the false messages or paid content online. The spread of false news has a huge impact on public opinion, which is why you can expect that this technique will be increasingly used in 2018.

According to the Check Point, to limit the spread of false information, companies and government bodies need to better secure your data, and we, the users of the network-we need to learn to better identify fake messages on the Internet.

Legal organizations caught on hacking

With a growing wave of fake messages involves the use of the methods hackers by legal organizations, including companies and Governments, in order to steal information from rivals or about them, as well as to influence public opinion. A key example was a hacker's attack on the President's staff, Emmanuel Macrona, a few hours before the opening of the polling stations.

We can expect that more and more "trusted" public and private institutions will use this type of activities-usually associated with cyber criminals-to get an advantage over your opponent. This is due to the fact that the victory can be seen as more important than the risk of getting caught doing these things may. This again draws attention to the fact how much the need for better data protection and intellectual property by all organizations, to stop attackers using them for their own purposes.

Refreshed or will be controlled?

Or in connection with the increasing use of mining to the criminal and illegal activities online, will apply more stringent provisions on their use? They have become the preferred payment method for the criminals behind attacks ransomware and to pay for other illegal activities.

It is estimated that one transaction bitcoinowa consumes as much energy as the average American household during the week. To create a mining needed are significant resources, which zdeterminowało the need for the creation of the so-called. Crypto miners, new quasi-malicious software, that are used to unfairly earn through the use of CPU power unsuspecting computer users to generate currency, often without the knowledge and consent of the users.

Because the value 1 Bitcoin has exceeded the historical record 8 000 USD, related to the currency may also become targets of criminals, who will want to use the authentication vulnerability mining or on leverage blockchainowe. The combination of these factors could cause the international governments and law enforcement agencies to take action against the abuse of mining, which, in turn, affect the value of the same currency.

Governments implementing cyber-armies to defend its citizens and borders

We observe the deployment State Governments cyber-armies to protect the interests of Governments and citizens. Cybobronne force will patrol the national network in order to protect the citizens and critical infrastructure, such as energy and water, banking networks and other, similar to the way conventional armies and police forces are used to the protection of the State borders, as well as protect citizens against conventional crime.

The defense against cyber attacks and does not need to be complex: from 80 to 90 percent of the attacks can be prevented with basic safety measures, such as firewalls, intrusion prevention, network segmentation and regular patching vulnerabilities. These measures significantly impede the attackers penetrating to your systems and causing damage.

How to provide professional services Check Point, in the year 2018 will be even more addicted to and immersed in our hiperpołączonym world. Each network, which we use can be directed anywhere, wherever we are connected, and the information that trawimy, can be manipulated without our knowledge. Now, more than ever, we need to better protect your network and data, so that we can trust the services we use and ensure the integrity of the data that we produce and we consume. The future is coming and we can see what it holds for us-so this time we have to be ready.

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