What to do when Webroot blocks websites and Windows files?

In rapid succession antivirus company Webroot second time contribute to business stagnation. Two months ago, as a result of incorrect signature in the cloud, Webroot display screen of death when you start the computer. This time the incident is just as serious as before-detection system files as malicious software, files containing keywords at increased risk, block Web pages that are identified as a phishing-it not bring the American company boasting.

For errors that report customers to the producer on the official forum and on Twitter, and that they are most likely the result of misclassification checksums of files, add to prevent run computers. However, these are extreme cases, which unfortunately can happen to you in the least appropriate time.

The manufacturer has developed a short statement that can help users to business and individual. However, this is not a permanent solution. Work on the release of the update is still in progress.

Blocked Facebook.

Statement for home users

1. Run a full system scan.

2. go to the quarantine.

3. Out of quarantined files, that were detected as viruses, but April 24, between 20 and 23, select them and restore.

As you may have read, this is not the best solution. It was then that antivirus Webroot "distraught", that is, on April 24, between 12 and 15 in the afternoon time. In Poland, on April 24, the clock pointed to the range between 20 and 23 late in the evening.

To restore all files from this period can help in bringing Windows to the State it was in before the incident caused by Webroota, however, niewprawieni in the battle with viruses, users can inadvertently restore the detected malware during this time. After the statement is executed we recommend that you run a full scan.

Instructions for administrators

In the case of antivirus software Webroot for business issue from 13 to 15 in the afternoon time, and so (+ 8) from 21 to 23 in the late evening time Polish. Webroot mistakenly classifies files as malware. This caused many false alarms and other unforeseen errors in the operation of the programs.

1. If the computers are connected to the Active Directory, try system restore from hours before the occurrence of the incident.

2. access to the agent through the GUI is possible eg. then, when the computers are in the security policy "unmanaged" or in another, if the administrator has configured the policy in such a way that the employee had access to the anti-virus interface. Follow the instructions for home users.

3. If the restart the system in normal mode it is not possible, you should try safe mode with network access and follow the instructions for home users.

4. Solution for all remote terminals:

4.1 log on to the console.

4.2, go to the tab "Group Management".

4.3 Select the menu command: "Agent Commands > Files and Processes > Reverify the All Files and Processes". Subsequent verification of the files should restore from quarantine mistakenly classified files as viruses.

4.4 go to the tab "Endpoint protection" and click on "Status".

4.5, click the "View" menu, under "Blocked Programs". You'll see a list of the 4.6 all files with Group "" Uncategorized File "or" Whitelisted File "that you must restore in step 4.7.

4.7 you must repeat step 4.3

4.8 to make sure that all the files have been restored, and the real malware transferred back to the quarantine, we scan: "Agent Commands > Agent > Scan".

Before you begin to hang the dogs on products Webroot, you have to realize that the blunders of antivirus software happen on a regular basis. Some are more, and others less spectacular. And so:

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