Winny Webroot or Microsoft? A slight confusion in the console after upgrading to Windows 10

Webroot, a steadily growing American company that provides SaaS security solutions for business and home users, has issued a short note for administrators who can read the content from today. By logging into the web console, you can not miss the information "Upgrading to Windows 10?" from which we can learn some interesting information.

Well, the problem concerns the upgrade of systems to Windows 10. After performing such an operation, devices already "hooked" to the console will be doubled, causing a slight confusion. But there is a way.

According to the manufacturer, before you start the system upgrade process, you need to take a few steps:

1. Log in to the console. Mark all devices present in the Group Management tab and deactivate them (do not delete).
2. Wait for changes until the antivirus agents are deactivated on the end devices.
3. Proceed with updating systems.
4. Again, install the agents, but without activating those already deactivated, because this operation may exceed the number of installation of Webroot SA Endpoint Protection agents under one license key.
5. Enjoy the connected devices for the console, which should be properly recognized.

However, if you upgraded to Windows 10 without performing the above steps, please:

1. Log in to the console, go to the Group Management tab, locate duplicated endpoints.
2. Deactivate duplicated devices.

And the safest option and in our opinion the safest - before updating the systems, uninstall the agents completely and then reinstall them.

Either way, regardless of the update path chosen, the new devices that appear in the console should be "pulled up" for the selected device group and created policies.

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