"You are fucked up" is an email that is received by accidental people

Every day we receive more and less interesting information from users about fake e-mails, but it is really rare for someone to submit their demands so vulgarly. It can really be something completely different. And no - not "fucked up". It's just spam like any other, whose purpose may be to harm the owner (Piotr Grodkowski) of the phone numbers provided.

Original message:

Maybe introduce yourself. I am Piotr and from September last year eavesdrops on ALL your conversations, I have access to all text messages, messengers and passwords of internet accounts, as well as to the history of the pages visited.

How did I do it? I hacked your phone and infected it with an exploit that automatically passed all your data to my server.

NOT NICE! NOT SMOKING ... I have a lot on you!

If you do not want to go to sit, it's better to contact me.

Prepare for a large expense as you do not want me to go to the police, you KURWO.

I have all yours:
- photos and videos,
- conversations (and more, I could have overheard you in the background all this time),
- text messages and instant messengers,
- stories of pages viewed,
- internet account passwords

If you want to regain this data and stop me from going after it, please call.
He does not write back to email.

You have a week of time.

Piotr Grodkowski
tel: 535 487 145
tel2: 531 353 333

Screen taken from zaufanatrzeciastrona.pl:

you're fucked

It does not make sense to discuss with the author sending the spam. We simply recommend ignoring this message and if Mr. Piotr Grodkowski really is an injured person, please do not harass him to the given telephone numbers .


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