Professionals in the industry of security tests

The market of security products is really huge. Assuming that every developer shows the greatest strengths of its solutions, multiplying this information by a number of suppliers we receive an unimaginable amount of data which the potential customer must go through within a reasonable period of time. That is why the real trick is to pick the best suited solution to protect workstations or personal computers.

We invite to cooperate:

  • Developers of security solutions for individual customers.
  • Providers of security solutions for medium and large companies.

What we do?

  • We test suitability of protection.
  • We issue certificates confirming the protection effectiveness.
  • We review cybersecurity services, software and hardware.

Benefits of working together

We will provide you with feedback on your product and services

Does the software react on threats in the wild in real time?

Which security technologies used are dominant against threats?

We will compare preventive protection to protection against 0-day file.

How quickly the product reacts to incidents (Remediation Time)?

We cen test the new features you want to add to your product

With this information, it will be possible to fix potential problems with the software when responding to malware and other threats.

Security tests and reviews

We carry out public and private tests or reviews of selected services, software, and hardware. 

We adapt the methodology to a product in order to get its full picture and security effectiveness.

We specialize in security tests and reviews therefore when your company partner with us, it will receive support for verifying  security effectiveness using the most modern testing methods.

Why is it worth?

  • We have been dealing with tests and security since 2012.
  • We have got honeypots network for obtaining malicious software.
  • We use modern technologies to automate tests.
  • We use real techniques of bypassing security.
  • We provide feedback from tests carried out.
  • We cooperate with the largest companies in the field of cybersecurity.
  • We do not require signing the NDA. Our tests are transparent to a developer, and to our readers.
  • We test publicly and privately. We can improve your product without revealing the results.

If you are interested in our offer or want to get more information...