We publish results from tests on system and data protection provided by solutions from various developers. We evaluate tested solutions for threat detection, incident response, information visibility in the admin console, security effectiveness in the long-term, additional features, and more.

On the basis of telemetry data obtained from the test, we make a periodic summary and award appropriate certificates and recommendations. As a result, people responsible for security can make smarter purchasing decisions and better choose technologies that will be tailored to specific requirements.

We grant certificates in the following categories of the test:

The Advanced In-The-Wild Malware Test

Certificates are granted to solutions that are characterized by a high level of security, with a rating of at least 99% of blocked threats in the Advanced In-The-Wild Malware Test.

Developers Certified in 2024

Tested in March 2023
Tested in May 2024
Tested in March 2023
Tested in May 2024
Tested in January 2024
Tested in May 2024
Tested in July 2023
Tested in May 2024
Tested in May 2024
Tested in May 2024
Tested in November 2023
Tested in November 2023
Tested in May 2024
Tested in May 2024
Tested in July 2023
Tested in March 2024
Tested in May 2024
Tested in May 2024
Tested in May 2024

Product of The Year

Once all testing rounds of Advanced In-The-Wild Malware Test have been completed in a calendar year, we award a special Product of the Year certificate who has taken part in at least 5 editions of the test.

Developers Granted in 2024

Avast Free Antivirus
Ccomodo Internet Security Pro
EmsisoftEnterprise Security
Eset Smart Security Premium
F-Secure Total
G Data Total Security
Kaspersky Plus
Malwarebytes Premium
Microsoft Defender
ThreatDown Endpoint Protection
Quick Heal Total Security
Webroot Antivirus
Xcitium ZeroThreat Advanced

Internet Banking Protection Test

We award those developers who perfectly respond to cyberattacks reproducing the theft of payment data, or even the manipulation of information by banking Trojans.

Reliable Protection Developers in 2023

Avast Free Antivirus + Avast Secure Browser & Bank Mode
F-Secure Total + Secure Browsing & Banking Protection
mks_vir internet security + Safe Browser
Quick Heal Total Security + Safe Browser & Safe Banking
Comodo Internet Security + Secure Shopping

Attack Visability in Telemetry

The solutions awarded in the tests of EDR-XDR products are characterized by proven monitoring of the protected infrastructure along with full visibility of telemetry data from attacks.

Developers Certified in Last Edition

Emsisoft Enterprise Security with EDR
Eset Protect Elite with XDR
Microsoft Defender for Business with EDR
Xcitium Advanced with EDR

Other Recommended Solutions

We’ve been in this business for years, and we’ve learned a thing or two along the way. Based on our experience, we only recommend solutions that we’ve tested ourselves, and we’re confident in our recommendations.


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