Producer Information

Emsisoft is known for its good reputation in the security industry and is recognized as a trustworthy provider of antivirus solutions. The developer actively cooperates with security specialists and international institutions to prevent cybercrime. Emsisoft often publishes analysis of new threats and provides free tools for malware removal and file decryption after ransomware attacks. During our testing, the software is characterized by high efficiency in threat detection and rapid response to incidents with a marginal impact on Windows performance.

Key Features of Emsisoft

Emsisoft software has been designed to meet the needs of businesses of any size. It provides effective protection for computers in the network by offering central management that simplifies administration and monitoring of events that can have a direct impact on security.

In the long-term series of the Advanced In-The-Wild Malware Test, Emsisoft achieves high results in protection and quick removal of threats. Because the protection agent is updated regularly, it can provide protection against the latest types of malware by monitoring the behavior of applications and 0-day files in real time.

The business solution is equipped with EDR module, which allows to avoid additional expenses for security in smaller organizations. The implemented maintenance-free functionality of searching for incidents on computers does not require qualified technical staff, which is why the Emsisoft product can be crucial for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The solution has changed a lot over the last few years. The developer offers a very good quality product adapted to the Windows ecosystem, able to monitor practically every element of the workstation and server infrastructure.

Emsisoft Enterprise Dashboard and Security Management Console

Selected Awards

Certificates that confirm the high quality of software and effectiveness in protecting against threats and attacks in real time.

We awarded the certificate for the highest quality of protection against Internet threats in the Advanced In The Wild Malware Test.

Certificates are granted to solutions that are characterized by a high level of security in the Advanced In The Wild Malware Test.

The software had to provide the highest level of protection and security throughout the 2021 to achieve this special certification.

The software had to provide the highest level of protection and security throughout the 2021 to achieve this special certification.

Advanced In The Wild Malware Test

Recent Results in March 2024

Tested on default settings + PUP Resolve Automatically + EDR Enabled + Rollback Enabled

Emsisoft Enterprise Security

Blocked: 459/459
Total: 100%


PRE-LAUNCH: This classification references the detection of malware samples before they are launched in a live system.

POST-LAUNCH: This indicates an analysis level, i.e., an attack has executed and has been blocked by a tested product.

FAIL: This classification indicates a detection failure, i.e., an attack has NOT been blocked and has infected a system.

Remediation Time in a Nutshell

March 2024



Average Remediation Time of active threats



Fastest Remediation Time of one single threat



Longest Remediation Time of one single threat


data breach

or active threats
after Remediation

Remediation Time (RT) Legend
The time expressed in seconds from the introduction of malware into the system by a browser, through the launch, to detection and reaction by product on a security incident. The Remediation Time may depend on the real activity of the malware, which may increase calculated time.

remediation time

Example indicators

We can completely automate security tests carried out. For instance, we are able to record events of blocking an attack by a specific technology implemented in a product. If a product reacts to a malicious modification of the system, this kind of information is saved in the Windows event log or the local logs of the protection solution. We can capture such modification using the Windows API. For example, the activity of moving a virus to quarantine or running malware in a sandbox will cause the reading of a relevant key from the Windows registry or executing an action by a process. Then, we can mark recorded indicators as a detected attack, a blocked network connection, or an infected file removal. Here are some example indicators:

 ESET Internet Security:

C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Security\Logs\virlog.datMalware was removed or cured
*AppData\Local\ESET\ESET Security\QuarantineMalware was quarantined
C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Security\epfwlog.datBlocking of traffic by a firewall
C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Security\Logs\urllog.datBlocking of malware on a website

See the previous results

You can always go back in time and check how each individual security product performed during previous editions of the test. We make the results from all previous tests available to you to verify if your favorite developer has improved protection against latest malware in his security software.