Repair Windows in few seconds – RestoreX review

15 April 2024

RestoreX Pro is software for home users, business and corporate used to resolve 10,000+ known problems with the operation of Windows in just couple of seconds. It can be applied to environments where there is a frequent need to roll back changes (restore to a specific state), and downtime should be minimized as much as possible. For example, there is a school and university computer lab where computers should be prepared for the next classes. RestoreX also provides a built-in solution for automating tasks that can be performed.

The available versions are Professional and Endpoint. Both editions are paid while the Pro version (which is the subject of this review) allows us to test the software capabilities during a 30-day trial version. Compared to the Endpoint version, it also has less features. However, the concept of RestoreX has not changed.

The solution works on the principle of the so-called snapshots (saved system states), and the entire process of solving noticed problems with Windows is based on them. The software is also able to solve the crashes encountered by the user using other, more complex methods. An additional limitation of RestoreX is the fact that snapshots are saved on a local hard drive — in the event of hardware failure or even incorrect modification of the partition, it will not allow the system to be restored. RestoreXshould not be used as a backup tool.

This software supports Windows 7 to Windows 11 (2024). If you use Windows dual-boot operating system, then also RestoreX works. If the hard drive is encrypted, unfortunately you will not be able to install RestoreX.

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RestoreX Review

RestoreX Pro is an easy-to-use software designed to restore saved states of the Windows operating system