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The struggle between security software developers and cybercriminals is a never-ending story – just as new versions of security solutions appear, hackers try out new techniques. Therefore, a good security solution must be updated regularly.
Kaspersky provides strong protection against spyware, ransomware, stalkerware for spying on users, or even Remote Access Trojans, which allow cybercriminals to obtain confidential data.

Key Features of Kaspersky

Kaspersky is famous for using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies in its products. As a result, the software is able to effectively identify new and unknown threats and adapt to the changing environment of next-generation threats.

The distinguishing features of the product are top-class protection during opening and modifying files, protection of instant messengers where messages are scanned for malicious links, as well as email protection. Verifying the security of websites for phishing and malicious resources, including dangerous scripts, is another value that we pay attention to.

A very important module is Safe Money which suggests opening a browser immune to injecting malicious DLLs, or even reading confidential information from RAM entered into a browser. The software, thanks to its firewall, puts security on a whole new level by blocking network attacks, even those using fileless software.

Kaspersky is a global company with a very well-developed communication, security, marketing, and technical analysis department within Kaspersky GReAT (Global Research & Analysis Team). This provides end-users with information about advanced threats and attacks detected, and about cybercriminal trends around the world. In addition, Kaspersky is probably the most transparent company in terms of processing personal and telemetry data thanks to the Kaspersky Transparency Initiative.

Kaspersky Dashboard Online and Kaspersky Plus

Selected Awards

Certificates that confirm the high quality of software and effectiveness in protecting against threats and attacks in real time.

avlab 2023 november excellent certificate in advanced in the wild malware test

We awarded the certificate for the highest quality of protection against Internet threats in the Advanced In The Wild Malware Test.

Certificates are granted to solutions that are characterized by a high level of security in the Advanced In The Wild Malware Test.

The TOP Remediation Time award reflects the fast response to threats by completely neutralizing the entire malware “lifecycle”.

Advanced In The Wild Malware Test

Recent Results in November 2023

Kaspersky Plus

Blocked: 245/245
Total: 100%

PRE-LAUNCH: This classification references the detection of malware samples before they are launched in a live system.

POST-LAUNCH: This indicates an analysis level, i.e., an attack has executed and has been blocked by a tested product.

FAIL: This classification indicates a detection failure, i.e., an attack has NOT been blocked and has infected a system.

Remediation Time in a Nutshell

November 2023



Average Remediation Time of active threats



Fastest Remediation Time of one single threat



Longest Remediation Time of one single threat


data breaches

or active threats
after Remediation

Remediation Time (RT) Legend
The time expressed in seconds from the introduction of malware into the system by a browser, through the launch, to detection and reaction by product on a security incident. The Remediation Time may depend on the real activity of the malware, which may increase calculated time.

remediation time

Example indicators

We can completely automate security tests carried out. For instance, we are able to record events of blocking an attack by a specific technology implemented in a product. If a product reacts to a malicious modification of the system, this kind of information is saved in the Windows event log or the local logs of the protection solution. We can capture such modification using the Windows API. For example, the activity of moving a virus to quarantine or running malware in a sandbox will cause the reading of a relevant key from the Windows registry or executing an action by a process. Then, we can mark recorded indicators as a detected attack, a blocked network connection, or an infected file removal. Here are some example indicators:

 ESET Internet Security:

C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Security\Logs\virlog.datMalware was removed or cured
*AppData\Local\ESET\ESET Security\QuarantineMalware was quarantined
C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Security\epfwlog.datBlocking of traffic by a firewall
C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Security\Logs\urllog.datBlocking of malware on a website

See the previous results

You can always go back in time and check how each individual security product performed during previous editions of the test. We make the results from all previous tests available to you to verify if your favorite developer has improved protection against latest malware in his security software.