Note on these VPN services: true user IP addresses have leaked


Note! Exploit to taking over of Memcached servers is available

Hackowanie Windows

Hacking Windows with Cortana is not so serious

nasza klasa badly anonymizes users, millions of accounts are publicly available

poradnik bezpieczeństwa

Security Guide: what you should know "Lady Barbara" with the accounting department?

Zwodnicze połączenia

Deceptive calls from abroad. That's how scammers earn by calling from Cuba (+53) and Papua New Guinea (+675)


Note on a new spam campaign. In the title of the "Invoice" and possible banking trojan!

ataki ransomware pbrazek

What you have taught us most famous attacks ransomware with 2017 year?

fake sms

Note on phishing SMS messages: "Please pay your payment immediately"


A serious vulnerability in LibreOffice: anyone can download files from your drive