Kopanie Bitcoinów

Bitcoin digging in the parking lot - analog ways to get virtual money

Trojan bankowy DanaBot

DanaBot banking Trojan in spam impersonating the "POL-INVEST Office"


Note the emails that pretend to be STU ERGO Hestia and Tomfis accounting office

poradnik bezpieczeństwa g data

Everything you need to know about security on the FIFA World Cup 2018

Rozszerzenie Read&Write z poważną luką w zabezpieczeniach

The Read & Write Chrome extension knew everything about you

Antywirusy F-Secure z luką

F-Secure antivirus with a vulnerability that allows code execution of a crafted RAR archive

Sieci Wifi w Rosji

Are you going to the 2018 World Cup to Russia? Watch out for seemingly secured Wi-Fi networks in these cities

Hidden Cobra

Fortinet security report: Vulnerability in MS Word, macOS malware and Korean Hidden Cobra hackers


Exploit for ZenMate VPN revealed detailed information about the victim and real IP address


3 years in prison for the Scan4You service helping to cheat antiviruses